Sunday, April 3, 2016

[Wild Weekends]

Living out in the country for the length of time I have, it is never dull.  I'm not saying that I'm some all knowing country-life-sage or anything; but I don't think there was one time when I was actually bored.  This farm has been in our family for years, my folks and I may not have lived here; but my grandparents did.  I know just about every tree in the woods behind this house.  It no longer feels like this is my grandparents' home, it feels like mine. 

This weekend was a blur.  So many things happened all at once.  We have Pygmy Goats.  They are absolute sweethearts - except the buck, he's a bit of a jerk.  But he makes lovely babies, three of which I got to meet on Friday night after I'd got home from work. 

Miss Daisy Mae
At about 10:30, my mom went down to check on the goats and low and behold there were three wee little ones crying for their mama (Ollie) in the barn.  Two boys and a little girl.  The little girl I named Daisy Mae, the little boys - unfortunately - aren't getting names (see above when I said the bucks are jerks).  They are very small, but so adorable. 

We were so worried about them being too cold, that I found onesies at work to put them in.  That and we wanted cute pictures of Pygmies in Pajamas, can you blame us really?  After everyone was eating and pictures were taken; we had a celebratory fudge-scicle...cause we don't smoke.  My sister went home, and we headed off to bed.
Mama Ollie giving me attitude.

You can imagine my excitement at work the next morning now that I got to help with these adorable little pygmies.  Work dragged so long because the week had been long, but I was able to leave early to keep my hours in check.  (I only get 30 hours a week, lame, right?).  When I got home Saturday afternoon, my aunt and uncle were over to see the new kids.  I ended up being called away to my sister's to get some stuff done and ended up running around Washington with her and her boyfriend.  When I had got home, that was when the wind started to pick up. 

The wind was so loud and so strong that is scared me a bit.  It was also strong enough to drop an old tree on power lines next to my great aunt's house and render us powerless for a good part of the night.  It wasn't so bad though, it was like camping, only in a house.  I almost built a tent in my living room just to get the experience.  I read for a bit and did a little bit of Real Life journaling - trying something different with it.  It was late when the power came back on, but I really didn't care. 

When we got up this morning we didn't have phone, internet or the television.  Later on, though, the phone company came out and fixed it eventually.  After a bit, my cousin called and said he wanted to bring his grandkids down to see the babies and my mom said that was fine.  So we went down there...

... just in time to see Pygmy number two, Stella, having her babies.

So not only did we get three more babies, but we also may have traumatized our little cousins, too.  Thankfully they aren't old enough to understand what was really going on. So Stella's babies were triplets, two girls and a boy.  The girls are named Rosie and Maeve.  Once again the boy is not.  I'm trying really hard not to get attached to the boys... really hard.   
"Hi, Mama!"

With this bunch, we were actually pretty worried.  Stella seemed to be having trouble and wasn't feeding them.  She wasn't even standing up, really.  So we were called to arms, trying to give the babies some milk and a supplement in it.  But eventually, she did stand up and began feeding them.  Right now, it's just a waiting game to see if they'll be okay.  We were scared we were going to lose two of them.  But mom went down to the barn before she went to bed and everything seemed okay.  I can't wait until they are jumping around and playing.  We're going to get them used to people so they'll be a bit more friendly than their mothers were when we got them.  I am actually very excited about it. 

The six of those little babies are like gifts and I'm very happy that everyone seems fine.  We're also expecting more chickens this week so we'll have baby goats and peeps.  Spring has sprung here on the farm and I just can't wait.